Immersion technology, facial projection mapping, wifi proximity detectors… Once the stuff of Sci-fi, now a new era in live events.

This month we feature several previously abandoned buildings turned highly sought after event spaces, a craft beer hotel and an aircraft hangar. Still want more? Just wait until you see the latest tech about to revolutionise the immersive world. If this doesn’t impress you, nothing will.

Dublin Venues

The Hangar

If you’re looking for a unique venue near Dublin with enough space to swing several large cats – then look no further than the hangars at Dublin Weston Airport. Situated just 13km (8 miles) from Dublin city centre is Ireland’s only executive airport which doubles as an exciting opportunity for indoor and outdoor events.

Although mainly used for flight training, the irregular scheduling usually finishes at 4pm every day, making it a great opportunity to host a knees-up of epic proportions. Featuring 9000m2 of operations buildings and three large aircraft hangars, the hangars’ high ceilings tower 12m high above brick walls and concrete floors; creating an industrial and urban feel. As you can see, the ample room allows for creativity to run riot and it also has access to an outside area, meaning the venue can deliver on almost any request.

The hangar also has huge 31m doors that stretch the entire width of the building on either side (to allow for aircrafts entry and exit of course!). Why not host your own air show?

The Ivy Dublin

The Ivy is one of the most iconic restaurants in London, if not the world. Now the celebrity hotspot in Covent Garden is coming to Dublin. As the first Ivy Collection opening outside of Britain, it epitomises the boom that Dublin has seen and its continuing growth as an international tech-hub. Due to open in 2018, rumour has it that the restaurant will be located at ground level in the brand new One Molesworth Street development. The new five story complex is set to be the capital’s latest high end hotspot, making it a befitting habitat.

The Ivy is renowned for its striking decor, with a unique centrepiece bar, luxurious booths, oak trimmings and stained glass windows. They’re celebrating one hundred years in the business and so this international expansion is the ideal way to commemorate just such a milestone. Aside from world class service, you can expect contemporary seasonal cuisine as well as a seriously impressive cocktail line up.

The collection includes variations in stylish locations such as Soho and Marylebone, as well as Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Bristol – so ready your best laced gloves, we are sure they have something special in store for Dublin…

Bullitt Dublin

Exciting Dublin news! The Beannchor Group has unveiled plans to build a Dublin counterpart to its beautiful Belfast hotel, “Bullitt”. The owners of some of our favourite Belfast venues (The Merchant Hotel, The Dirty Onion and The National Grand Cafe) have bought the Dublin headquarters of Riverdance and are setting their sights on turning the prime city centre site into a snazzy new Bullitt hotel. Company director Conall Wolsey said the spot on Capel Street is a historic district, which he describes as “pure, dyed-in-the-wool Dublin”. The new hotel is mooted to include 100 rooms and will be made up from ‘a series of buildings’ with a great ground floor space bringing the whole development together.

The trendy hotel development take its name from the 1968 Steve McQueen movie, with the original property featuring artworks inspired by the movie. The first Bullitt opened Belfast last year and has quickly built a cult following. The cool space features 43 bedrooms, three bars, a restaurant and a stylish lobby area. The second phase of the Belfast hotel will open later this year with a rooftop bar, restaurant & garden and 30 new bedrooms, completing a €7.8million (£7million) investment. The Dublin development, which is expected to open in 2018/19 will draw on similar design with a cool and contemporary vibe. Keep your eyes peeled for super-fans turning up in the iconic car…

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International Venues

Gastwerk Hotel, Hamburg

Charismatic. Stylish. Contemporary. If you happen to be in Hamburg check out the The Gastwerk Hotel, a member of the Design Hotels group, a selection of handpicked design-driven luxury hotels located all across the globe.

If the glass ceiling of the air-conditioned conservatory wasn’t enough to tempt you, flooding the space with light during the day and twinkling stars overhead by night, then perhaps the historic architecture will.

The former 19th century gas plant once brought light to the streets of Hamburg, but has now been beautifully refurbished around its historical brickwork and steel, currently standing as a truly impressive boutique hotel and events venue. Playing host to 141 bedrooms, 10 meeting spaces and tonnes of exposed red brickwork, this is a hotel you won’t want to miss.

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SugarCity, Amsterdam

Described as “undiscovered, rugged, innovative and unexpected” – former sugar factory turned event venue, SugarCity holds 21,000 m2 of event space and is located just outside the city centre of Amsterdam, 15 minutes from Schipol Airport. The venue still exudes a very raw, industrial feel with its exquisite decor featuring wrought iron columns, concrete pillars and metal infrastructure. With three spaces available to hire, holding 1,000 – 1,800 guests, this venue is ideal for larger events and apparently still hasn’t reached its full potential. Watch this space.

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DogHouse Columbus

BrewDog has taken the craft beer world by storm! The Scottish brewer has recently gone ‘ale’ out and partnered with international crowdfunding company Indiegogo, in creating a campaign to build the world’s first ever craft beer hotel.

The hotel will sit alongside the brand new sour beer facility in Columbus, Ohio. The Doghouse will be fully crowdfunded and aims to provide a complete experiential environment to truly immerse yourself in the world of craft beer. Just some of the ‘crafty’ benefits the hotel will be providing include; Punk IPA on tap in your room, beer spa treatments with bespoke hop oils and… wait for it… en-suite shower beer fridges!

You may well have read about their recent attempts to build a BrewDog hotel nearer to home at their Ellon brewery in Aberdeenshire. The good news is that they are apparently still hopeful of achieving this. We can definitely hop on-board with that idea here at Clive. Absolutely pun-derful.

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Technology & Gadgets

Facial Projection Mapping

If you watch one video today, make it this one. Designed by Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai, this breathtaking new facial projection mapping works using real-time facial tracking app “connected colours” to create electric make-up in the form of various colours intermingling and harmonising with one another.

Ideal for an experiential photo activation, the face-mapped video projections and shape-shifting holograms could transform how consumers sample make-up products, giving brands the ability to project any look or style onto consumers faces. What a time to be alive.

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Mesh Analytics

Tired of tracking people with clickers and barcode scanners? Mesh Analytics is a proximity analytics solution which produces smart statistics on the number of people moving around the space, how long they spend in each area and how frequently they return.

Perfect for activations, exhibitions, launches and experiential events, this handy piece of tech picks up the wi-fi signal sent out by mobile devices within a 30-metre radius, it will then calculate how close the device is to the sensor in real-time. This revolutionary piece of tech has the ability to completely transform how event traffic is analysed.

The technology was first rolled out last year with Nike at its flagship store in London. The leading sports brand wanted to understand the typical journey of its consumer, with a focus on how long they spent in-store and how effective the brand was at turning passing traffic into engaged visitors. Big brother is watching.

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Interactive Flower Mirror

Installed in the Daimaru stores in Tokyo and Kyoto, this flower power mirror stands at 10 feet high and contains a colourful array of 3,000 flowers to celebrate Daimaru’s 300th birthday.

This interactive installation works by operating 800 movable motors that push out darker-coloured flowers over the top layer of the lighter flowers. Whenever someone approaches the flower mirror, sensors detect their silhouette which triggers the darker flowers to react by imitating the shape of their silhouette.

The flower mirror can also work with pre-made graphics, from brand logos and icons to more complicated designs.

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Polaroid 4.0 meets Harry Potter – the first instant photo case for iPhone and Android is here, and it does more than you think. Just plug in your phone, snap a picture and get a printed photo within seconds… Then watch your photos come to life through AR!

This handy little device lets you record a video and then attach that video to an actual physical photograph. Make your photo come to life by simply looking at it through your phone in the Prynt app, and you’ll see the video play over the picture. Described as “QR code meets – Harry Potter newspaper”, it’s currently the closest you can get to actually printing a Snapchat. You’re a wizard, Harry.

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Jeep AR Experience

Jeep has launched an AR experience at its dealerships, enabling consumers to walk around and look inside the all new Jeep Compass before it is physically available in the showroom. The Jeep Compass Visualiser is an application that recreates the virtual car before the eyes of the customers in its real dimensions, allowing them to discover the new model and interact with it before its physical arrival in the dealer’s showroom. Good luck test driving it though.

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Other Cool Ideas

Cactus Cake

It’s no secret that cactai and succulents are all the rage at the moment. Though to be fair, do they ever go out of favour? Either way, at Clive, we’ve stumbled across cactus cupcakes! Iven Kawi, the artist behind these masterpieces, sculpts buttercream frosting into all kind of beautiful cactai and flowers. Have a look and see for yourself, those prickly little chaps have never looked more appetising.

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Coffee Butter

People have actually started drinking this oily coffee concoction, because apparently it gives you lasting energy with no crash, accelerated calorie burning and a mental boost. You’re probably reading this with a slight squint in your eye and scepticism charging through you, but supposedly the caffeine combines with the fats and slowly releases its effects into the body over a long period of time. Clive’s top tip: Coconut Oil for its healthy fats. Why not give it a go, it may just make your life a little bit ‘butter’!

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