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12th July 2018

Celebrating Pride & Diversity in the Workplace

In the latest of our Culture Series, with Pride month making more noise than ever this year, Clive takes a look at the importance of celebrating diversity in the workplace…...
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25th June 2018

Clive’s Big Exhibition Survey

In an age of data overload, GDPR spam flooding inboxes and shrinking mailing lists, face-to-face marketing has never been more important for brands that want to achieve stand out. As...
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19th January 2018

Celebrating Women in Business

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, in the first of our Culture Series here at Clive we’ve been reflecting on the recent prevalence in acknowledging and celebrating women...
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9th January 2018

Clive joins FIRST

Two dynamic event agencies join forces to enhance capabilities, drive scale and expand talent to deliver continued value for their clients. London, January 9th 2017 – FIRST, a leading global...
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10th November 2017

Inspiration Station Vol. 2

Boozy balls, Wild Lights, AI creative directors & The Beast. No you're not dreaming... it's the Inspiration Station of course. This month we uncover some unmissable Dublin experiences, a whole heap...
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2nd August 2017

Hello Dublin, We’re Clive!

Hello new friend. We’re Clive – Dublin’s exciting new agency for live events and face-to-face brand communication. We’re delighted to be officially putting down our Irish roots and expanding the family further – come meet us!

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31st July 2017

Inspiration Station Blog

Immersion technology, facial projection mapping, wifi proximity detectors... Once the stuff of Sci-fi, now a new era in live events. This month we feature several previously abandoned buildings turned highly sought after event...
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29th July 2017

Death by PowerPoint

There are around 500 million PowerPoint users in the world and a projected 30 million presentations are going on right now – most of them: unbearable. OK, there’s no denying...
Clive Thoughts
29th July 2017

Better Get Yourself Connected

We're now well into 2017 and it's about time to get to grips with the trend forecasts and predictions that have been flooding in from all corners of the creative world....
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28th July 2017

Food for thought

All too often, the pressure of catering for large numbers within a tight timescale leads to lacklustre, unhealthy and unattractive menu options. With economic confidence returning, mediocrity is no longer an...
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27th July 2017

Experiential Vs. Exposure Effective Brand Marketing with Live Events

In this digital age, where virtual communications reign, it’s increasingly common to feel oddly disconnected. People crave real engagement and this is a feeling clever brands and their marketing teams...
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25th July 2017

Events with Identity: Building Engagement with Event Brands

If you’re a parent, you’ll likely have lived through the terrifying experience of the modern day naming ritual. Choosing a name for another person – something they’ll have to live...