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We’re a Dublin & London based live events agency dedicated to helping companies engage with their internal and external audiences through creative face-to-face events. 

Turning any event into a memorable and effective brand experience is where we really shine.

We work with some of the world’s leading brands to understand their business objectives, their audiences and the action they want them to take, then consider this in everything we do.

How we can help

We understand every business has their own challenge. Sometimes we create communications events, hospitality experiences or exhibitions to help B2B marketing teams generate leads or change the way customers think of their brand. We also work with internal comms teams to help motivate and engage workforces. Another day might see us working for a Sales Director to produce an exciting incentive programme that encourages loyalty and increases sales. We’re also experienced in the B2C world; producing experiential activations, stunts and roadshows to bring a product to life, build a buzz and ultimately create a new army of brand advocates.

Some clients simply want us for our creative production or event management expertise to help them stand out from the crowd and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for their guests.

Whatever the nature of your business, however straightforward or complex your objectives, we can help you communicate and bring your brand messages to life through creative live events.

Our Approach

Flawless event management, production and logistics come second nature to us at Clive, but what we believe makes us different to event management companies and production companies is our proven expertise in message delivery.

From finding the perfect venue or location that helps your brand shine, to creating eye-catching event identities and communications campaigns to engage and attract your audience; our approach always goes back to your communications objectives.

Creative content sessions, experiential activations and engaging digital communications are just some of the tools we’ll use to amplify your message and ensure real return on your event investment.

Our Strengths

We’re big believers in investing in a talented and diverse workforce, we call it ‘the power of your people’ and it’s certainly been the key to our success. The Clive team is spread across our Dublin and London offices and service leading technology, media, automotive and financial services clients on both a local and global scale.

We’re proud to have 35 of the brightest designers, creative content producers, detail obsessed event managers and service-driven account mangers around. Together, they live and breathe our Clive culture which is constantly inquisitive, always creative, operationally excellent, great at relationships and serious fun. You can find our more about what it means to ‘Be Clive’ by discovering our brand values here.

More than an event management agency, we help companies communicate, motivate, engage and express their brand personality.
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